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General Terms and Conditions
The website further referred to as website, is under the exclusive property and administration of the company WORLD OF HOBBIES S.R.L., further referred to as W.O.H., and it is designed for the purpose of implementing the company's projects as well as future clients' projects, further referred to as Project.
When you are accessing the website and its content, it means that you agree with the general access terms and conditions as it follows.
Confidentiality policy
When you are visiting the website it is possible to be asked personal information such as your name and e-mail address, etc. in order to gain access to certain services offered by the makers of the Project. These services may include online subscriptions to different projects run by W.O.H., newsletters, contests and other events or periodic alerts.
In order to respect your legal right to confidentiality, the information you provide us shall only be used by W.O.H. and the companies with which the previous mentioned closes agreements respecting the confidentiality of your provided data. Any application to one of the programs or services offered by an individual or by a legal entity subscribed to W.O.H. signifies you explicit agreement to provide this company your personal data, your resume and other information required for the identification process. W.O.H. shall not be made responsible by the means or the destination of the use of your personal information by third parties who have submitted your data from the website with your agreement.
We do not rent, sell nor alienate under any circumstance, except for the one mentioned above, our subscribers personal information to third parties, except for as required by law or at the request of the competent state bodies.
W.O.H. gives the user the right to modify the contact registered, some aspects of which you are interested, including information about new products and services launched. You can also request the operator to delete your personal information at any time. If you submit another person's data, that person has to give its prior consent to this act.
In order to improve our services, it is possible to collect data related to the interests of the website's users in certain topics. W.O.H. reserves the right to use this data or publish them in the context of studies or of applications except for the cases when it is mentioned the obligation of secrecy upon data request.
For the privacy and data security, the account on the Site is protected by a password.
Changes to the General Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy
W.O.H. reserves the right to modify, add or remove general terms and conditions of use of the Site at any time and without notice. Any use of the Site after changing these conditions implicitly means that you agree with the changes occurred.
If we believe that change is needed for the privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page to inform you about the types of information we collect and how we use them. If you have any questions about our privacy policy regarding the terms and conditions of use of the Site, please contact us at :
W.O.H. reserves the right to request additional information in response to the requests that you move. Thank you for using the services of World of Hobbies SRL (W.O.H.). We assure you that we will try to continuously provide the best service and remain your career advisor.
Terms and useful legal information
Thank you for visiting this website.
Please read the Terms and Conditions of this document, since any use of this website constitutes your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions herein.
The terms "we", "a / the / you / our / us / our / our" W.O.H, the Company, Projects that appear on this site refer to The World of Hobbies SRL and any of its affiliated companies. "I / you, user" refers to any person accessing and / or using this website.
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