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What can we do for you.
Our design and web development agency offers specialized consultancy for the companies that wish to promote online products or services. We offer personalized solutions depending on the company's needs. Each client is unique for us..
realizare grafica web
Web graphics development
With the help of our knowledge, creativity and experience in web graphic design through creating models, drawings and illustrations, you can show the unicity of your company and you can differentiate yourself from the competition in an innovative way. Our graphic models are original and they are created especially for your business, in a suitable way for the company's personality and branding, but also for an on-going or soon to be business.
Execution of virtual stores
Our team can create virtual professional stores that are easy to administrate. The number of people buying online is continuously increasing. It is high time you sold your products online. We offer you the solution! We set up complex virtual stores that include all necessary modules for the excellent functioning of your store, having access to various statistics and performance reports that lead to a better progress of your activity.
realizare magazine virtuale
optimizare seo
SEO Optimization
Considering our team's professionalism, we can organize a complete evaluation of your website from the vantage point of SEO, reports based on key words, recess market, and a wide variety of SEO techniques that are tested and implemented throughout time. You can have the best quality/price balance for the online advance with our help. .
Web identity
We will use our knowledge, creativity and graphic web design experience to create concepts that can indicate your business's path to success. Our graphic models are adapted to your business, in a suitable style to your branding that determine the marketing materials to be easier and more pleasant to read. Each concept is constructed after a detailed study of the business itself, of the market area that is aimed at, respecting the unicity and identity required by our clients.
identitate web
implementare software
Software implementation
The demand for personalised software has determined our company to take attitude in this regard. The best solution is the development of a web application that would strictly offer the necessary functions for the business. The attempt to adapt a general solution - as open source - would inevitably lead to frustrations, technical limitations and development complications as far as the application would not be secure nor fast nor accessible anymore. Our team offers analysis solutions and web programming shaped on your necessities. We will set up an optimized application, fast and secure, that would offer your business a strong foundation.